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We are planning an interview series here on Beautiful Women Featured putting models and photographers into the light. We will do a dedicated interview page for each model and photographer who want to be part of this amazing project. Of course we always setup our page to maximize visibility on Google.

This is mainly targeted to models and photographers looking to get in touch with each others for shooting or to be recruited by agencies that would come across these pages.

What you need to do

For this to work, we need these simple things from you:

Images (at least 5)

These images will be used in the interview article (with photo/model credit below each of them) and also to make the cover of your page (like this one below). The pictures don’t have to be sexy, just good quality.

Russian model and photographer Victoria Borodinova featured image on beautiful women featured

How to send your pictures

Contact us here and we’ll send you our email address. Pictures sent within Instagram or Facebook DM loses quality and definition because of the compression. But if the quality is good enough, they will do. You can also send us a cloud drive link if you want.

Fill that form below

You do not have to answer all of the questions, just the ones you want to. Keep in mind that the more this interview have content, the more Google will be happy and rank it in the first pages when someone is searching for you. Elaborate on your answers 🙂

What you get out of this

Like mentioned above, you get a personal interview page with all the details needed for people to contact you for shootings opportunities.

You also get a profile page with your name, a short bio (provided by you) and a list of your links for social medias, OF accounts, Twitch, and 2 websites! You also get a personalized short link that can be easily shared or put in your Instagram bio (that would be awesome 😀). The provided link could be (

We promote you on our platforms

When published here, we will promote your interview page on our social media network with a direct link (in a story on Instagram).

The form

This form have 2 parts:

  1. Fast facts: name, agency, cities or country available, etc
  2. Part one: a little bit about yourself, your modelling world, goals

You don’t have to answer all of the questions. Answer as many as you want and we will work with that. Do not put any information you don’t want the whole world to know!

We will send you the link before publishing to make sure everything is in order.

BWF Interview Form
This is how we will refer to you on this website
This is how we will reach out after you complete this form. We will not publish what you write here.
Your current city and any other you are willing to go for a shooting
Name the agency and/or put website
You can describe the brand and put your affiliate link here
Magazine or other. You can put a link if you want