What is BWF Easy Hashtags

BWF Easy Hashtags is a social media tool that create a full list of hashtags based on your selection. With the Autoadd option checked, many related hashtags will be added to a pool and then be randomly selected to make it to the final list.

You can try the
free version right now (with limited functions)

For Pro version, click here

Add some Credits to your post

The first thing you can do is add credit to the post you are making. You can have the model/photographer credits available. This will let you add other social media handles (@) that will be used in different social media results. ie: if you put a Twitter @, it will be in the Twitter text.

easy hashtags credit fields
The picture will not be used by Easy Hashtags in the final text. Only on the profile page of this person on our website.

​The free version only allows 2 credits. With the Pro, you have unlimited!

How it generate hashtags

​The pools

​You can add your own hashtags to the You pools. Then, you select the hashtags you want from our pools. If you enter an hashtag already in a pool, it will simply select it.

With the Autoadd option enabled, all your selected hashtags are analyzed to add related hashtags and do combination of hashtags. All those are added to a to the hashtag pool to be selected randomly for each selected social medias.

​What if there are hashtags you absolutely want to be in the list?

​You just reselect them and when they are green, they will make it in all your lists.

Country and nations hashtags

Selecting hashtags in the Nation pool trigger hashtags related to countries. If you select Model and United States, this will add hashtags like American model, usa model, etc.

You may add your own hashtags if it is not already in the pool. all related hashtags will be adde too (socal model, california model, etc…)

Filtering instagran limited and banned hashtags

Nobody wants to be shadow banned on Instagram. Using hashtags limited or banned by instagram may get your account hidden from others without you ever knowing.

This tool filter all hashtags to avoid banned hashtags being in your Instagram final list.

We obviously can’t keep track of all of them but we cover hundreds and try to be up to date.

​What a subscription brings you

Wait, there is more!! This is awesome!!!

Pre-selected hashtags

Get your own pre-selected hashtags for a quicker generation.


You have multiple accounts? No problem! Get up to 4 presets that preselect different hashtags and gives you other customization.


This tool uses our database information on our collaborators accounts to get more datas (like the Country, backup account, etc) and hashtags related to that account to be more accurate when generating a list.

Filtering over popular

Overly popular hashtags get lost in the mass. They are useful to trigger the autoadd ones you don’t want them taking up a place in your hashtags list.

Shuffle by Social Media

Don’t like the first batch? Recreate again!

Title generator

From your selected hashtags, we generate a title that get you started to create something epic!

These are recurrent hashtags that will be easily accessible for you. They are not pre-selected. Use a comma between each hashtags)
These hashtags will already be selected for you. Use a comma between each hashtags)